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Aaron Greving

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Q: Which Iowa player opened the season by scoring three touchdowns on his first three carries against Kent State?
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Which Netherlands player opened the scoring against Uruguay?

Van Bronckhorst

Who scored the first England goal in the 2002 world cup?

Sol Campbell, when he opened the scoring in a 1-1 draw with Sweden.

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In 2008 Against Me and Japanther

The new pipeline opened in 2006 between Baki and Ceyhan carries Caspian Sea oil to a new terminal located Where?

Black Sea

Where was The new pipeline opened in 2006 between Baku and Ceyhan carries Caspian Sea oil to a new terminal located?

mediterranean sea

How did people open cans before the can opener was invented?

They smacked them against their heads until they opened.

Who toured with Rage Against the Machine at Rutgers University?

Rage opened for Cypress Hill at Rutgers in 93 or 94.

Why did the boxers rebell?

The Boxer Rebellion came as a revolt against international involvement in China after it was opened up to trade.

How do you determine if a fan clutch is operating properly?

The way that is the easiest is to put an opened dish towel in front of the radiator. The engine must be running and at operating temperature. If the towel stays opened and against the radiator then the fan clutch is pulling sufficient air flow. If the car has air conditioning then the towel will be against the condenser.

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the first present was opened in 1626 and george minkey opened it

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(In the US) MANY states have laws against having opened alcohol containers in the vehicle.

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The Colosseum was opened in 80 AD.The Colosseum was opened in 80 AD.The Colosseum was opened in 80 AD.The Colosseum was opened in 80 AD.The Colosseum was opened in 80 AD.The Colosseum was opened in 80 AD.The Colosseum was opened in 80 AD.The Colosseum was opened in 80 AD.The Colosseum was opened in 80 AD.

Can you sue a broker for buying stocks on margin when not authorized to do so?

when you opened the account you probably opened with margin. If you bought more stock than you had cash for and were leveraged against your will and had to sell out or got a margin call you can go to arbitration. You waived your right to sue wen you opened the account, you have to go arbitration which can work out better for you.

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it was opened on 1820.

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The men that invented the atomic bomb KNEW that they had opened "Pandora's Box!"

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Opened 1960 (Opened 1980 as a Theme park).

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You cannot sue a dead person but you can file a claim against the deceased individual's estate. If no estate has been opened, you can petition the court to open an estate.

When was manzanar opened?

manzanar opened in 1942

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It was opened in 1965

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it was opened in the 1990

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Only if you owe them money and they have gone to court to seek a judgment against you.

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It might change depending on the context, but the following is how you conjugate the verb, "to open" in past tense. I opened = j'ai ouvert You opened = tu as ouvert He opened = il a ouvert She opened = elle a ouvert We opened = nous avons ouvert You all opened = vous avez ouvert The guys opened = ils ont ouvert The girls opened = elles ont ouvert

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Israel opened its doors to Jews fleeing/leaving continental Europe and those Jews incarcerated on Cyprus for trying to enter Mandatory Palestine against British Law.

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It was opened in 1988.

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It opened in 1888