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Q: Which Indian cricketer was the first Indian to get a contract to play domestic cricket in South Africa?
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Which cricketer played test cricket for Australia and south Africa?

Kepler Wessels.

Who is best cricket player in South Africa?

Jacques Kallis is the best cricketer in the South Africa side.

Which cricketer played for South Africa before it was banned from international cricket and later represented Zimbabwe?

john traicos

Which cricketer played for South Africa before he was banned from international cricket and later represented Zimbabwe?

John Traicos went on to play for Zimbabwe after the South African cricket team got banned

Who is the Indian cricketer to score a half-century in cricket world cup final?

virendar sehwag in world cup 2003 in south Africa at wonderers stediam

Which trophy do England and south Africa play for in test cricket?

It's the Basil D'Oliveira Trophy, named after the South African born England cricketer of the 1960s and '70s.

Why was South Africa banned from cricket?

Because they would not play with countries that had black players, then the England team had a black cricketer called Basil Doliviera , and South Africa , refused to play with England. Then the ban followed .

Is there South African domestic cricket in the game?

yep, they play county cricket in south Africa. some of the most popular competitions include: the supersport series, the standard bank pro20 series and the mtn domestic championship. some of the most popular teams in these competitions include: the highveld lions, the cheverolette warriors, the nashua titans and the nashua dolphins. if you want more info visit south Africa crickets official website at and click on domestic cricket.

How much does a cricket captain like graeme smith get paid?

The Cricket captain Graeme Smith plays for South Africa. His yearly salary is an estimated £40,000. The details of his contract is not public knowledge.

What does the giant cricket eat of Africa?

The Giant cricket of Africa likes to eat human hair

Who is the highiest paid cricketer in south Africa?

Graham smith

When did South Africa win the cricket world cup?

South Africa didn't win cricket world cup.

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