Which Indian cricketer scored two triple century in tests?

Updated: 8/19/2019
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virendra sehwage

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Q: Which Indian cricketer scored two triple century in tests?
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First Indian to score a test triple century?

On July 25, 1936, India took to bat in their seventh match as a Test-playing nation. India's second innings saw Vijay Merchant and Syed Mushtaq Ali both score centuries at the top of the order, though Ali took less time to do so - 150 minutes in comparison with his team-mate's 255.

Who has become the first Indian to score a triple century?

Virender Sehwag. He is the only Indian batsman to have scored two triple centuries in test cricket

Has anyone scored triple century in his debut?


Who scored fasted triple century?

virender sehwag

Who made the first triple century in Test cricket?

English cricketer Andy Sandham was the first Test cricketer to score a triple century, making an innings of 325 against the West Indies at Kingston in the 1929-30 season.

Which Indian batsmen has scored 2 triple centuries?

Virendra Sehwag

Who scored the first test cricket triple century?

Andrew Sandham

Who is scored first triple century in test cricket?

Andrew Sandham of England was the first triple-centurion in test cricket.

Who got triple century for Indian cricket team?

Virender sehwag is the only triple century holder for India on world arena.

Who scored 333 runs in one innings?

Cricketer Graham Gooch hit a Test innings of 333 runs for England against India at Lords between July 26-27, 1990, at Lords. The game saw the only instance in Test history of a triple-century and century in the same innings.

Who Pakistan player has scored triple century in a test match?

inzamam ul huq, and hunif Mohammad

Who has become the first Indian to score a triple century in Tests?

Virendra Sehwag