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Q: Which German club has taken the most chmapionships in German football league?
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What happened to Paderborn13 football team.In 1955 and 1956 I served in the british army in Germany.During my stay there I played football for the town football team-Paderborn-13 where are they?

I refer you to the link below, they have probably been taken into this team, as that is a multi-team merger. Otherwise, try, and search the archives there for any trace of them, as they may have dropped out of the German league pyramid.

Has there ever been a league football match played without any corners being taken?

chelsea vs wigan - premier league 2009

How do you leave your ESPN fantasy football league?

To leave a league (remove your team), simply click on the "Leave League" link on your team page BEFORE your draft has taken place. You cannot leave a league after your league has drafted

Which football club has taken the highest no of champion league trophy?

It is Manchester United with three champion league cups , Arsenal and Chelsea are yet to win a cup.

Why was German East Africa taken away from Germany?

German East Africa was taken away from Germany at the end of World War I by a treaty in 1919. This was essentially a kind of war reparations for German aggression in the World War. All German colonies and possessions in Africa were taken away under a League of Nations mandate and were then administered by Britain, Belgium and France. All of these territories would eventually win independence and became parts of present day Tanzania, Burundi, etc.

What was Walter camp known for?

He helped invent Gridiron which is taken from Canadian Football, which in turn cam from Rugby league.he invented American football, we know as NFL.

How many German POWs were taken by the Allies on the Western Front after D-Day?

About 12,500 German P.O.W.s were taken, and 57,000 P.O.W.s on the axis and allies combined.

What is an abiturient?

An abiturient is a pupil in the German education system who is taking, or who has taken and passed, the Abitur, a group of exams taken in the last year of German secondary school.

What percent of German shepherds are well taken care of?


Would rugby league have line outs?

NO. The lineout was taken out of the league code when the UNION and LEAGUE codes split in 1850

In the 1860s football arrived in ArgentinaWho took it?

In 1860 the game of football was taken to Argentina by the Spaniards.

Was the winner of the Eredivisie league in 2015?

The 2015 Eredivisie league competition has not yet taken place.

Was the winner of the Veikkausliiga league in 2015?

The 2015 Veikkausliiga league competition has not yet taken place.

Was the winner of the Veikkausliiga league in 2016?

The 2016 Veikkausliiga league competition has not yet taken place.

How many substitutes are allowed in the fa cup?

3 from 7 - 21.07.2011 "Football League clubs have voted to reduce the number of substitutes that can be named on the teamsheet for matches in the npower Football League from 7 to 5. The vote was taken at an EGM at Leicester City's King Power Stadium. A Football League spokesman said: "This was felt to be a sensible and prudent step given the financial challenges facing many football clubs and the commitment made earlier this summer to adopt UEFA's Financial Fair Play framework." Clubs will still be permitted to name 7 substitutes in the Carling Cup and FA Cup and 5 in the Johnstone's Paint Trophy."

In the 1860 football arrived in Argentia Who took it?

The game of football was taken to Argentina in the year 1860, by the Spaniards.

Do female German Shepherds live longer than male German Shepherds?

No its all on how well he/she is taken care of

How would the terms regarding the Saar Basin affect the German economy?

The Saar Basin was an important and rich industrial region for Germany, so when it was taken and put under the control of the League of Nations for 15 years, it contributed to much economic loss.

When was Poland taken over by German and Soviet troops?


List of players that have taken steroids in football?

felix neurater

When did Ernie Davis get drafted?

Ernie Davis was the number-one pick in the 1962 NFL Draft, becoming the first African American football player to be taken first overall. Selected by the Washington Redskins, his rights were then traded to the Cleveland Browns for Bobby Mitchell and a first-round draft choice. He was also drafted by the Buffalo Bills of the American Football League

Why is the accordion called that?

The word accordian is taken from the German word 'Akkordian', which is taken from the German word 'Akkord'. 'Akkord' is the same word as our word 'Accord'. 'Akkord' means musical chords or being in tune.

Was any disciplinary action taken against the Toledo University football player in the Colorado game?

There was no action taken for the hit.

How Many Times Has Realmadrid Taken Champions league?


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It comes from 18th Century German.