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Chelsea F.C. won the English Premier League and broke many records in doing so:

Most ever premeir league goals with 103

and the best ever goal difference recorded in the EPL history.

CFC won the league by 1 point finishing the league by winning 8-0 vs Wigan at Stamford Bridge.

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Q: Which Football team won English Premier League in 2010?
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Was the winner of the English Premier League in 2010?

Chelsea was the winner of the English Premier League in 2010.

What were the English Premier League winner of 2010?

The English Premier League winners (EPL) of the season ending 2010 were Chelsea.

Is there an Official FA Premier League 2010 Sticker Collection?

yes, there is an official English premiership football sticker collection for 2010

What was winner of the English Premier League in 2010?


When did Chelsea win the English premier league?

Chelsea won the English Premier League in 2005, 2006 and 2010. They won the old first division in 1955, the equivalent of the Premier League now.

Who won the barclays premier league in 2010?

Chelsea Football Club won the Barclays Premier League in the 2009/10 season

The richest football league in the world?

The richest football league by both Net Worth and revenue is the English Premier League. The second would be the German Bundesliga.These are statistics from 2009-2010, they could change over the years.

When does 2010-11 English premier league start?

14\8\2010 SATRDAY

When does the 2009 2010 English Football Championship League start?

The season will begin on 8 August 2009 for the Championship, League 1 and League 2 and 15 August 2009 for the Premier League. The season will finish on 2 May 2010 for the Football League Championship, and 9 May 2010 for the other three Divisions.

When does the 2010 2011 English premier league season end?

the premier league finishes on the 7th of may and the championship finishes on the 8th of may

When does 2010 English premier league start?

It starts at August 15 2009

When was the 2010 English premier league season fixtures released?

17th june

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