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Liverpool 5 times

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Q: Which English club has won the champions league the most times?
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Was Liverpool the last English club to get into the champions league?


How many times did Liverpool fc win the champions league?

Liverpool have won the Champions League once, and the European Champions Club Cup 4 times.

How many times did Barcelona win the champions league?

Barcelona, the current greatest club in the world has won champions league three (3) times.

How many times have Liverpool football club won the Champions league?

5 times.

What club has won the champions league the most number of times?

Real Madrid have won the Champions League the most number of times. They have won the competition a record 10 times.

How many times have Arsenal won the Champions League?

Arsenal have never won the Champions League. The nearest they've come is runners-up in 2006. The English Club that holds the title for most Champions League titles is Liverpool, who have won it 5 times (1977, 1978, 1981, 1984 and 2005).

Which English club won the UEFA Champions League in May 2008?

Manchester United.

Which year did the English club first win the UEFA champions league?

Manchester United was the first English team to win the UEFA Champions League. They achieved this feat in the season 1967-68.

Which English club has won the most European trophies?

Liverpool With 5 Champions League Trophys

How many times Manchester United won champions league?

Manchester United has won the Champions League twice, in 1999 and 2008, and the European Champions Club Cup once in 1968.

Who were the last all English born team to win the champions league?

The last English club to win the Champion league is Liverpool. In the year 2005.

What are the top club winning champion league?

Real Madrid have been the most successful club in the Champions league. They have won it a record 10 times.

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