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Adam Dunn.

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Q: Which Cincinnati Red started the 2007 season on a tear hitting two home runs on opening day?
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What Dominican-born Expos star put together the longest hitting streak of the 1990s?

Vladimir Guerrero had a 31 game hitting streak in 1999. While it was the longest streak for a season in the 90s it wasnt longest streak of the 90s. Hal Morris, Cincinnati Reds first baseman, had a 32 game hitting streak that started at the end of August of the 1996 season and carried over into the 1997 season.

How old are the Cincinnati reds?

The Cincinnati Red Stockings were the first professional baseball club, formed in 1869. For a period in the 1950's they were known as the Cincinnati Redlegs, but then settled on Cincinnati Reds. To pay respect to heritage, for many years the first pitch of a season was always thrown at Cincinnati, always a home game for the Reds. Opening Day is still held every year in Cincinnati, and although the American League has started earlier on a few occasions the first pitch in the National League is still thrown on Opening Day in Cincinnati.

Which Cincinnati pitcher started 34 games in the 2005 regular season?

That was lefty Eric Milton who started 34 games with the Reds in 2005. He went 8-15 with a 6.47 ERA that season.

When is the open season of Kings Island?

King's Island is an amusement park located in Ohio. It can be found about 21 mile north of Cincinnati. The park will be opening for the 2013 season on April 27th.

When did the Cincinnati Bengals debut their tiger-striped helmets?

The Bengals started wearing the tiger stripe helmet beginning with the 1981 season. This was the same season that they appeared in their first Super Bowl.

What Cincinnati Reds players have worn number 17?

Click on the 'Cincinnati Reds Rosters' link on this page and check out the Rosters, Opening Day Line-Ups & Uniform Numbers section. There you can find all the numbers of the players for each season.

Who has the second longest hitting Streak after Joe DiMaggio's 56 game hit streak?

Through the 2008 season, the second longest consecutive game hitting streak in MLB history is 45 games by Willie Keeler of the Baltimore Orioles that started in the final game of the 1896 season and went through the 44th game of the 1897 season.

What was the first NFL game played in the Super Dome?

The first regular season game at the Super Dome was the opening game of the 1975 season between the New Orleans Saints and the Cincinnati Bengals. The Saints lost 21-0.

Will SNL have another new opening sequence for its 39th season?

SNL has a new opening sequence every season, as there a cast changes every single season, which affects the opening sequence.

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The preseason has already started, and a few teams will start the regular season Sept 29th and opening day for most teams will be Wednesday October 3rd.

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Season 1 Opening 1: Hisoku No Sora (by: Kotoko) Opening 2: Being (by: Kotoko Season 2 Opening 1: Joint (by: Mami Kawada) Opening 2: Blaze (by: Kotoko) Season 3 Opening: Prophecy (by: Mami Kawada)

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