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This question is an opinion, however most logical people would say the Chicago Bears 1985 season.

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Q: Which Chicago sports season is better 85 bears or 96 bulls?
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What is Eddie Murphy's favorite sports team?

Chicago Bears

What are the sports teams of Illinois?

The professional sports teams are the Chicago Cubs, Chicago White Sox, Chicago Blackhawks, Chicago Bulls and Chicago Bears.

What were the five worst seasons for the Chicago Bears?

The Chicago Bears have never had a bad season.

What is the of professional sports in Chicago?

Baseball- Chicago Cubs Basketball- Chicago Bulls Football- Chicago Bears

What is the pro sports team in Illinois?

Chicago Bears,Chicago White Sox,Chicago Cubs,Chicago Bulls,

What are professional sports teams of Illinois?

Chicago Cubs, Chicago White Sox, Chicago Bears, Chicago Fire, Chicago Bulls, and the Chicago Blackhawks are professional sports teams of Illinois.

How many dropped passes did the Chicago Bears have in 2009?

Rashied Davis of the Chicago Bears, had one dropped pass this season.

Where can someone find a Chicago Bears jacket?

You can possibly find a Chicago Bears jacket in your local sports store and sports clubs, but your best bet is purchasing it online from eBay and amazon.

Who was the quarterback for Chicago Bears season 2007?

Rex Grossman

When do Chicago Bears play Miami Dolphins?

In the 2010 season.

What is the Chicago Bears current record in the NFL?

They finished 9-7-0. For those people who are sports slow that's 9wins, 7 losses, and 0 ties.

What was the nickname of the Chicago Bears cheerleaders?

The Chicago Bears have not had a cheerleading team since the Super Bowl winning 1985 season. Prior to this, their cheerleading squad was known as the "Honey Bears."