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Q: Which Chicago Bulls player averaged 32.5 points per game during the 1988-89 season?
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Which LA Lakers player averaged 29.7 points per game during the 1999-2000 season?

Shaquille O'Neal

Which Phoenix Suns player averaged 20.1 points per game during the 1991-92 season?

Jeff Hornacek

Which Boston Celtics player averaged 21.3 points per game during the 1985-86 NBA season?


Which Sacramento Kings player averaged 21.2 points per game during the 2001-02 season?

Sacramento's Stojakovic, selected to the All-NBA Second Team in 2003-04, averaged 24.2 points that year.

Which NBA player averaged a triple double for a season?

Oscar Robertson

A professional basketball player averaged 1919.35 points scored each season. About how many points did he score during his twenty year career?

About 38387 points.

Which player averaged a triple double for an entire playoff series?

Jason Kidd

What college basketball player hold the record for the highest points averaged per game in a college career?

44.2 ppg by Pete Maravich for three seasons at LSU (1966-70). If the three-point line had existed during his time there, he would have averaged around 57 points per game.

What player averaged 2.3 ppg for Northern Iowa?

hot jump ropes eating chicken

Who was the NFL player called the Refrigerator?

William Perry. He played for the Chicago Bears during the 80s and early 90s.

What bulls' player averaged a statistical double-double last season in points and rebounds?

Joakim Noah

How do you calculate points averaged per game if a player is injured and only plays half the season?

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