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mike brown

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Q: Which Bear holds the team record for defensive touchdowns?
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Who holds the record for most points scored by a Chicago bear?

SWEETNESS Walter Payton

Who holds the record for the most professional wrestling history?

Kevjumba. he is a heterosexual bear wrestler.

What is the record for the fastest swimmer?

im not sure but i think the record for the fastest bear swimmer is a polar bear

What is the name given to a player on the court who is a defensive specialist?

From my experiences a defensive specialist is usually called a Labero. (La-bear-o)

Did Bum Phillips coach with bear Bryant?

Yes ... Bum was a defensive coach for Bear on the 1957 Texas A&M team.

What Chicago Bear great ran six kickoffs back for touchdowns over seven seasons?

Devin Hester

What are some defensive techniques to escape from a front bear hug?

There are many ways in which one can use defensive techniques from a front bear hug. The classic way is slide your hands between the torso and the arms of the attacker, and push them open.

Which SEC football coaches have the most wins ever?

Paul "Bear" Bryant holds the record for most wins ever among Southeastern Conference (SEC) football coaches with 323.

What is the world record for the biggest bear?

The world record for the largest bear weighed 1,200 pounds and stood 10 feet tall. The bear was a grizzly and this species usually grows to be around seven feet tall and weighs around 800 pounds.

What is the personality of a grizzly bear?

A grizzly bear has a defensive but a soft side depending on what mood they feel like, rare research has shown these human like symptoms.

Where can you find a picture of the world record grizzly bear?

In Africa

What is the Georgia state record black bear?

600 Lbs

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