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Greg Norman is known as the great white shark

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Greg Norman.

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Q: Which Australian sportsman is known as the great white shark?
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Which sportsman is know as the great white shark?

Greg Norman

What is the largest shark in Australian waters?

The Great White Shark.

Are the sharks in finding nemo Australian?

Bruce, the Great White Shark in Finding Nemo, is voiced by Australian actor and comedian, Barry Humphries. Note: The model shark in Jaws was also known as Bruce.

Who has the nick name the great white shark he is an Australian swimmer?

The "Great White Shark" is the nick name of Greg Norman who is an Australian golfer.

What is a shark most known as?

Great White Shark

Is the Mexican great white shark larger than the Australian?


Which Australian sportsmanis know as the great white shark?

mark richads

Where does the Great white shark lives?

common to both Australian and African oceans

When was Australian blacktip shark created?

Australian blacktip shark was created in 1950.

What is this biggest known shark today?

the biggest shark known to man used to be the megladon but now since they are extinct it is the great white

Which Austrlian Sportsman is named the White Shark?

Greg Norman

Who is coined great white shark?

Greg Norman, famous Australian golfer through the 80s and 90s.