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Q: Which Australian boxer won the commonwealth junior welterweight boxing title in 1973?
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Who was the 1985 Chicago cyo junior welterweight novice champion?

Ramon Cox won the 1985 junior welterweight (139-pounds) novice championship at the 55th Annual CYO Boxing Tournament by defeating Peter Pastori in a three-round decision at St. Andrews Gym in Chicago. Cox is from the Mount Prospect Boxing Club. Pastori is from Fuller Park Boxing Club.

Who is the youngest Welterweight of all time?

Wilfred Benitez was the Youngest Junior Welterweight (140 lb), and Pipino Cuevas was the youngest Welterweight (147 lb).

Who Was the title holder of three world boxing championships in three different weight divisions and is still the youngest world champion ever in boxing?

Wilfred Benitez is the youngest (male) world champion in boxing history, capturing the WBA junior welterweight title at the age of 17 years and 5 months with a split decision over Antonio Cervantes. He went on to win the WBC welterweight title as well as the WBC light middleweight title. = =

What are the boxing weight divisions called?

From lightest to heaviest: Strawweight Light Flyweight Flyweight Super Flyweight Bantamweight Super Bantamweight Featherweight Super Featherweight Lightweight Super Lightweight Welterweight Super Welterweight Middleweight Super Middleweight Light Heavyweight Cruiserweight Heavyweight The names varies in each organization. ie: Super Welterweight could also be call Junior Middleweight.

What weight does Ricky Hatton box at?

Junior welterweight (10 stone / 140 pounds)

Why is micky ward called Irish?

Ward is the former American junior welterweight professional boxer and former Word Boxing Union (WBU) champion who hails from the hardscrabble Irish American working class town of Lowell in Massachusetts.

What is Juan Manuel Marquez most noted for?

Juan Manual Marquez is known for being a Mexican boxer. He is also a former WBO light-welterweight champion. Ring Magazine currently ranks Juan Manual Marquez as the 3rd best boxer in the world in terms of pound-for-pound boxing. He is also number one in the junior welterweight division, too.

Who holds the most heavyweight boxing titles?

Oscar De La Hoya - 6 WBO Junior Lightweight title; World WBO, IBF Lightweight titles;World WBC Junior Welterweight title;World WBC Welterweight title (failed to win IBF title);World WBC, WBA Junior Middleweight titles: WBO Middleweight title (failed to win World WBA, WBC, IBF titles).Thomas Hearns - 5World WBA Welterweight title;World WBC Junior Middleweight title;WBC, WBA Light Heavyweight titles:WBC Middleweight title (failed to win World WBA, WBC, IBF titles):WBO Super Middleweight title (failed to win the WBC title in controversial bout).'Sugar' Ray Leonard - 5World WBC, WBA Welterweight titles;WBA Jr. Middleweight title (failed to win WBC title);World WBC Middleweight title:WBC Super Middleweight title (failed to win WBO title):WBC Light Heavyweight title. (Won SMW and LHW titles in same bout).Floyd Mayweather, Jr. - 5WBC Junior Lightweight title;World WBC Lightweight;WBC Junior Welterweight title;World WBC, IBF Welterweight titles:World WBC Junior Middleweight title.

When was Australian Formula Junior Championship created?

Australian Formula Junior Championship was created in 1962.

When is junior masterchefs 2010 starting?

after commonwealth games

Who is tom king?

Tom is amazing he is a junior boxing champ

Who won the Australian Open boys junior title?

Jiri Vasely won the boys junior championship of Australian Open 2011.

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