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Which AFL team has won 10 premierships

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Q: Which AFL team has won 10 premierships?
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How many AFL premierships has Richmond in the AFL won?

10, last one in 1980

311 How many AFL premierships has Hawthorn won?

10 and all of them in 50 years.

How many afl premier ships has Richmond won?

Richmond have won 10 Premierships. The years that they have won was in: 1920 1921 1932 1934 1943 1967 1969 1973 1974 1980

Who has won most afl premierships as player and coach in total?

After some research, I believe the answer to be that there are 3 different people who answer to achieving the most premierships as VFL-AFL players and coaches: The first was Jock McHale, who won 2 premierships solely as a player for Collingwood - the first being in 1903 - his first year at the club. He then went on to coach Collingwood to a record 8 premierships = 10 total premierhips. The second was Norm Smith, who played for Melbourne Football Club from 1937. He played in 4 premierships for the club. Later he went on to coach 6 premierships over an 11 year period = 10 total premierhips. The third was Ron Barassi, who played for Melbourne, winning 6 Premierhips as a player only with that club. Following his time at Melbourne, he accepted a coaching opportunity with Carlton, which club won 2 premierships during his short stay with the club. He then went on to coach North Melbourne for a further 2 premierships = 10 total premierships! However, of those premierhips, some won by Ron Barassi and Jock McHale were achieved as playing coaches.

How much premierships have collingwood got?

they won their fifteenth on 2/10/10

What was the final score of the first AFL game the Broncos won?


How many premierships have Richmond won?

10 (1920, 1921, 1932, 1934, 1943, 1967, 1969, 1973, 1974 and 1980)

Who is the first team to win a super bowl?

The Green Bay Packers won the first NFL-AFL championship in January 1967, defeating the Kansas City Chiefs 35-10.

Who played in the first AFL Football?

The first regular season AFL game was between the Broncos and Patriots in September 1960. The Broncos won 13-10.

What are facts about Denver Broncos?

They won the first game in the AFL 13-10 over the Boston Patriots.

Who has won the league cup most?

Liverpool won the most division one championships winning it 18 times. Manchester United won division one 7 times. Manchester United have won the most premierships winning it 10 times.Liverpool have never won the premiership.

How many division titles have the broncos won?

As part of the AFL (1960-1970), the Denver Broncos had no division titles. As an AFC team in the NFL, Denver has won 10 division championships, 6 conference championships, and 2 Super Bowls (XXXII and XXXIII).

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