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Collingwood has made the most Grand finals, but has lost more than its fair share. The others are:




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Both Carlton and Essendon have won 16 premierships each, the most out of any team in AFL/VFL history.

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Q: Which AFL team has one the most grand finals?
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What team played in the most grand finals in the AFL and the VFL?


Who has lost most AFL premierships?

Collingwood have lost more finals than any other afl team when they loose is referred to as the colliwobbles That's one way to look at it, the other way is that they are the only team good enough to play in so many finals, also please don't leave out they have won the most finals! But they have not won the most Grand finals; that honour belongs to both Carlton and Essendon.

How many draws in afl grand finals?


How many grand finals has Geelong won in the AFL?


Who are Top 5 teams who have won the most grand finals in AFL?

Essendon, Carlton, Collingwood, Melbourne, ??

How many AFL grand finals have been held at the MCG?


How many AFL Grand Finals have ended in a draw?

there has been about 3

When is afl finals dream team 2010 starting?

its not running this year

Which AFL team has won the most grand finals?

Carlton has won 16 Grand Finals. Although Essendon has also won 16 premierships, it has won only 14 grand finals in this achievement. The premierships of 1897 and 1924 were decided by a round robin finals series and no grand final was played in those years.

Which four clubs have won the most AFL grand finals?

As of the year 2010, Essendon and Carlton have each won 16 Premierships. Collingwood has won 15 grand finals, and Melbourne, I believe, might be 4th with 13 Grand Final victories.

How many grand finals have carlton played?

Carlton has won 16 Grand Finals, and therefore, 16 Premierships in AFL football.

Who has won the most finals in the afl?

Collingwood Football Club