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Goal Shoot (GS) Goal Attack (GA) Goal Defence (GD) Goal Keeper (GK)

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2010-09-15 04:25:14
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Q: Which 4 players are allowed in semi circle in netball?
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What does wing defence do in netball?

The wing defence basically helps the goal keeper, but they aren't allowed inside the semi circles. Only players with an "g" on their shirt are allowed in the semi circle. Players with a "w" or "c" basically help the people with a "g" on their shirt to get the ball in the correct semi circle so they can score.

Where is the center allowed in netball?

everywhere except the 'd' semi circle in the end thirds

Who is allowed inside the 'D' on a Netball court?

When you mean 'D', I am assuming that you mean the semi-circle in your teams goal. If you are the only positions in netball allowed in the semi-circle are Goal Shooter (GA), Goal Attack (GA), Goal Keeper (GK), and Goal Defence (GD). Keep in mind that the GS and GA are only allowed in their goal semi-circle and the GK and GD are only allowed in the opposition goal semi-circle. Hope this helped :) Vicky

What is gk in netball?

GK stands for goal keeper. For goal keeper you can get the ball off the other team and shoot goals so your allowed in the semi circle but your not allowed in the other teams semi circle.

What does the gs in netball do?

gs stands for goal shooter They are allowed in the attacking goal third and semi circle. They are the shooters

Where is the wing defense allowed?

I play wing defence in netball. you can go in your third and the centre third but not in the semi circle

What does the center do in netball?

The c starts with the ball in the circle on the court. They are allowed anywhere except the semi circles.(Ds)

What do the center in netball?

The c starts with the ball in the circle on the court. They are allowed anywhere except the semi circles.(Ds)

Can you score outside the semi circle in netball?


Where in netball is the wing attack allowed?

The wing attack is only allowed in the centre third and in the goal third where they start. BUT NOT in the shooting semi-circle

How many positions are allowed to enter the semi-circle in a game of netball?

four positions are allowed into the semi circle also known as the "D" or "goal circle". those positions are GD (goal defense) GA (goal attack) GK (goal keeper) and GS (goal shooter)

What is the semi circle in a football pitch used for?

The semi circle at the edge of the 18yrd box is there to keep the players 10yrds away from the ball during a penalty kick. No players are allowed in the semi circle until the ball is kicked during the penalty. During normal play the semi circle offers no use. It is not part of the box so the goal keeper will commit a foul if handeling the ball in the semi circle.

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