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ucla is probably one of them


Maryland is one.


UCLA won the AIAW -- which predated the Women's NCAA, but not the Women's NCAA.

Stanford has won all three.

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Q: Which 3 universities have won ncaa championships in football mens basketball and womens basketball?
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Stanford and Maryland

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u tell me

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ummmmmmm... all i know da the answer 2 is that pickles onced ruled the earth and they built a big dam near Pangaea. duhh easiest question eva! Maryland is one. Tennesee is not. They've never won a national championship in football and mens basketball. Stanford is another. I don't think there is a third.

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Tenn and UCONN are tied at 8...Tenn having 8 in womens and 0 in mens while UCONN has 6 in womens and 2 in mens

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