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West Ham, Blackpool and Birmingham.

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Q: Which 3 premier league teams got relegated in 2011?
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Which 3 teams were demoted from the barclay's premier leaguein the end of 2011-2012 season?

The 3 teams that were relegated from the Premier League in 2011/12 season; Blackburn Rovers Bolton Wanderers Wolverhampton Wanderers

What 3 teams were relegated from the Barclay's premier league in 2011 - 2012 season?

Bolton, 18th Blackburn, 19th Wolves, 20th

Who got relegated from premier league 2011?

West ham, Blackpool and Birmingham

What 3 teams have been promoted to the premier league and not been relegated?

If you mean in the same year, then Bolton, Blackburn and Fulham were all promoted in 2001 and all have not been relegated since (as of 2011)

Is nowrich city football teem cool?

First, they were one of the teams that used to get relegated the most along with Birmingham city. Now in the new season (2011-12) they are in the premier league so my answer would be yes and no. Yes because they worked hard to reach the premier league and no because they got relegated a lot.

Will West Bromwich Albion get relegated in 2009?

obviously not there going to be in the premier league until 2011 at least

What is the east London premier league team?

There are no clubs which are classed as being in the east of London although teams like Arsenal are close. West Ham would have qualified but they were relegated to the championship in 2011

Which 3 premier league teams got promoted in 2011?

Swansea, QPR and Norwich City.

Who were the Kenya premier league winners in 2011?

The Kenya premier league champions in 2011 were Tusker FC.

Was the winner of the English Premier League in 2011?

Manchester United was the winner of the English Premier League in 2011.

When was Nagaland Premier League created?

Nagaland Premier League was created in 2011.

When was Indonesian Premier League created?

Indonesian Premier League was created in 2011.

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