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Inter Milan and AC Milan both share the San Siro.

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Q: Which 2 Italian football teams share a home ground?
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How many foot teams share the same ground?

The Italian teams A.C.Milan and Inter Milan share the same ground, it is called the San siro. Actually both Inter Milan and A.c. Milan were one club, but broke up in 1909.So they play in the same stadium.

What is the Italian football teams away colour?

All white.

What are the most famous Italian football teams?

The most famous Italian football clubs are A.C.Milan Inter Milan , Juventus and Atlanta.

Italian Football teams with the letter v?

Vicenza, Verona, Venezia

What professional baseball and football teams share stadiums?

Oakland A's & Oakland Raiders

Where is England football teams new training ground?

lol;they are taining at my house B)

Is football Italian?

No. While it is very popular in Italy and they are amongst the best teams in the world, it is not originally from Italy.

How many German football teams are there?

If you are asking about the Bundesliga then there are 18 teams each year, compared to 20 teams in the Italian Serie A or the Spanish La Liga or the English Premier League

What are some famous Italian football teams?

The main famous Italian clubs are Juventus, A.C. Milan. Inter Milan, Lazio, Parma, Bari, Napoli.

Did Georgia Tech share national championships with other teams in football?

If you are talking about 1990 then yes they shred it with Colorado

What is the difference between fc and ac in the name of football teams?

Not much really. "FC" is short for Football Club; "AC" is the Italian equivalent, Associazione Calcio.

Why is third football kits?

There are third football kits to use if both teams have the same colour kit or neither of the teams are playing at there home ground so they are not using their home kit (1st kit)