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Scotland has several ski resorts. See the link below.

So Does The north of England e.g. the Lake District

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Q: Where would you go in the UK to ski?
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In club penguin in the mission lost puffles it doesnt show you the ski lodge where do you go?

You don't go to the ski lodge! if you could go there, it would be on the map!

Where would you most likely go to spend your hiliday downhill skiing Missouri colrado Texas why?

I would go to Alaska and ski and not mess around with the lower 48 states and ski lifts.

Why do people go to the alps to ski?

people go to the alps to ski because they like to ski

What packages are offered by Neilson Ski UK website?

Neilson Ski Uk's online site has various packages to offer. Some packages include Holiday packages, 2 for 1 Lift packages, Group Ski Holiday Packages, and Cozy Catered Ski Chalets packages.

Where can one purchase the cheapest ski insurance in the UK?

While the cost of ski insurance will vary somewhat depending on several factors, a good website to look for affordable ski insurance is ski-insurance.

I would like to know if i should get a 169 or 179 K2 Obsethed i will way about 140-145 pounds next year when i will be using them I would like to use them for about 2 seasons?

How heavy you are has nothing to do with the length of the ski you will use. It depends on how tall you are and how you ski. If you go to a sport shop and ask them that question they will be able to tell you which one you should get and maybe that is the wrong type of ski for you. If you like it for the graphics there is a good chance that that isn't the best type of ski for you. They will tell you what would be a perfect ski for how you ski and your style.

What is the place you go after skiing?

You go to a bar! (known as apres ski, which is frecnh for after ski)

Where are all the ski resorts in the UK?

Most of the ski resorts in the UK are in the northern area, such as the lake district, Alston and Harwood common. There are also resorts in SScotland, e.g. Nevis Range.

Which products are available for purchase on the EspritSki UK online store?

The Esprit Ski UK online store markets family ski holidays available for purchase. The website advertises child care options in correlation with a variety of different family friendly ski resorts, chalets and hotels.

Would you capitalize the word ski in ski trip?

No, because in that case ski isn't a proper noun. If there was a movie or hotel called "Ski Trip" then you would capitalize it because then it would be a proper noun.

What is the price of a dry ski slope?

to ski on it it depends where you go and when

If a ski has scratches in the bottom why would that ski go slower than a regular ski?

Because it can not track the snow aswell Because of drag and resistance on the snow. it depends on how large the scratch is? if it is relatively deep then it could affect the skiing. If it is not that deep it will go only marginally slower to not slower at all.

What is the correct sentence 1 I want to ski I'll go soon 2 Want to go skiing I go soon 3 I want to ski might go soon 4 I want to go skiing I might go?

I want to ski : I'll go soon.

Where is the ski lodge on club penguin?

on the map at the cornergo to the ski village and go into that cabin

How fast does a 160HP jet ski go?

It depends a lot on the weight of the jet ski. There's no way to determine the speed from just the horsepower. Most likely though, a 160 HP jet ski would be a fairly high power jet ski with a top speed of around 50 to 55 mph.

What are ski boots?

ski boots are shoes you wear when you go skiing

How do you get into the ski bass on clubpenguin?

easy go to the ski hill there. lukas

What is Alexander Ludwig's favorite sports?

i heard that Alexander likes to ski and i would love to go skiing with him!!!!!!

How fast would a 1988 Ski-doo Safari 377 go?

80 km per hour,

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How does a bigger sail help a ski buggy go faster?

a bigger sail would mean a bigger pulling force so it would make the buggy go faster

What is you go ski-ing in french?

Vous aller faire du ski

Can a jet ski go 80mph in 4 seconds?

No unmodified jet ski can go 80 miles per hour. In fact, in the United States, a jet ski cannot go over 68 miles per hour.

What snow ski should I get if I am 5'11?

It depends on weight and ability, but I would say you can't go wrong with 160s.

How fast a jet ski can go?

it can go average of 50 miles and it also depends on the ski there are some fast skis and slow