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Potentially informaion of any official Rugby set up ican be found by throough the IRB for Union and NRL for League.

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Q: Where would there be information on 1974 community games rugby?
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Rugby Sevens information can be found on the official Rugby Football Union website. This website provides information on the rules and the key skills required to play the game. To find out about the World Cup statistics one would go to the Official Rugby World Cup site.

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It depends on whether or not you have all the games played cos they could be cancelled due to weather. I would say about 20-30

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NO rugby has not been played in the Olympics since 1924, It has not been included since because it was felt that players would not have enough time between games to recover properly.

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No. The games require huge physical effort which in a summer would be exhausting for players and the grounds used would be to hard for tackling.,

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