Where were the Olympics most often held?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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THE United States of America.

They have hosted 4 Winter Olympic Games, and 4 Summer Olympic Games.

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Q: Where were the Olympics most often held?
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Where was the most often place the ancient Olympics were held?

Only at Olympia.

How often are the para Olympics held?

They held with Olympics that is in every fouth year

How often were the Olympics held after the first Olympics?

4 years

How often were the ancient Olympics held how often are the modern Olympics held?

both are/were held every 4 years, or as the ancient Greeks called it, every olympiad

In the ancient Olympics at the Athens how often were the Olympics held?

every year

How often do the Olympics start?

The Olympics are held once every four years.

How often are the Olympics held every year?

they are held every 4 years

How often are the ancient Olympics held?

the Olympics were originally held every four years when the Greeks created it , ( just as it is now )

How often are winter Olympics played?

Every 4 years the winter Olympics are held. In 2010 they were held in Vancouver, Canada. In 2014 they will be held in Sochi, Russia.

How often are they held in ancient Olympics?

They do it every 4 years.

What world records have been set in the olympics?

they held most of the olympics.

How often are the Olympic games?

The Summer Olympics are held 4 years apart, The Winter Olympics are held 4 years apart, They alternate every 2 years. The Special Olympics are held immediatly after the regular Olympics