Where were the 2008 summer olympic games held?

Updated: 8/17/2019
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Q: Where were the 2008 summer olympic games held?
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Where were the summer olympic games held in 2008?

Beijing, China

Where was the recent summer Olympic Games held?

In 2008 it was held in Beijing, China

What number is this 2008 Summer Olympics?

The modern Summer Olympic Games was started in 1896. There have been 28 Summer Olympic Games held. The modern Winter Olympic Games were started in 1924. There have been 20 Winter Olympic Games held.

In which city were the Summer Olympic Games held in 2007?

Prior to the 2008 Games that will be held in Beijing, the last Summer Olympics were held in Athens in 2004.

Has Jamacia held the summer Olympic games?

Jamaica has never held the Summer Olympic games.

Where and when will next summer olympic games be held?

The 2016 summer Olympic games will be held in Rio de Janeiro.

Where were the last two summer olympic games held?

The most recent Summer Games were held in Beijing, China in 2008. The second most recent were held in Athens, Greece in 2004.

How frequently are the summer Olympics held?

The summer Olympic games are held every four years.The Beijing Olympics were in 2008; the London games follow in 2012, and so on.

When will the 2008 summer Olympics be held?

the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games will officially start on 8 August this year

Where are the 2008 winter olympics going to be held?

The 2008 Olympic Games are in Beijing, China. (It is the Summer Olympics, not Winter)

Where was the 24th Olympic games held?

Olympic Summer Games in Seoul

What is the gap between the Olympics?

Olympic Games are held every two years. In 2008, the Summer Games will be held in Beijing. In 2010, the Winter Games will be held in Vancouver. In 2012, the Summer Games will be held in London. In 2014, the Winter Games will be held in Russia.