Where were 19 major league baseball players born?

Updated: 8/18/2019
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Definately every state.

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Q: Where were 19 major league baseball players born?
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What is the percentage of American born players are in Major League Baseball?

between 2% and 15%

How many venezuelans play Major League Baseball?

270 players were born in Venezuala and play in the MLB

How many Argentinian Major League Baseball players?

According to Baseball Almanac, there has never been an MLB player that was born in Argentina.

How many foreign players played Major league baseball in 1999?

out of 1,209 players who played at least one game in 1999, 932 were born in the USA, leaving 277 foreign born players, or 23%

Which eight Major League Baseball players were born in Alaska?

As of the start of the 2007 season, there are now 9 current and former MLB players born in Alaska. Click on the 'Alaska Born MLB Players' link on this page to see a list of those players.

How many players in Major League Baseball were born in America and how many were born outside of America?

In the 2006 season, the MLB reported that players born outside the US made up 27.4 percent of the league. See related link for the full press release.

What famous baseball players were oklahomans?

Mickey Mantle was from Commerce OK Johnny Bench was from Binger OK and Willie Stargell was born in Earlsboro OK. All in all 121 major league players were born in Oklahioma

How many Major League Baseball players have come from Guatemala?

No MLB player has been born in Guatemala. A minor leaguer named Hugo Pivaral was born in Guatemala but he never made it above A-ball. Ryan Spilborghs mother is Guatemalan, but he was born in California. There are probably other players with Guatemalan ancestry, but this is difficult to verify since only birthplace is an officially-kept record.

Which Major League Baseball team has the most American players?

I'm not sure who has the most, but I know right now on the White Sox 25-man active roster, 20 of them are American born players.

Who are baseball players from Uruguay?

No major leaguer has ever been born in Uruguay.

What West Indian island produced the most major league baseball players?

According to Baseball Almanac, through the 2008 season the most former and current players born in a West Indies island is 473 in the Dominican Republic. Puerto Rico is second with 226.

What major league baseball player was born in Kalamazoo Michigan?

Derek Jeter