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Q: Where was the first skydive?
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First animal to skydive?

probably birds because those birds that dive into the water they skydive dont they?

How can I skydive for the first time in USA?

To prepare for you first skydive, go to to find a qualified dropzone and schedule a skydive. Pay close attention to the instructors, as safety always comes first. Then once you are in the air, enjoy every second of it.

What is tandem skydiving people referring to?

Tandem skydiving people is the term giving when two people skydive strapped together. When people skydive for their first time they must tandem skydive with a professional.

Can penguins skydive?

No, penguins cannot skydive.

Why do people skydive?

People skydive because they are bored

In modern warfare how do you skydive?

Skydive? What the hell are you talking about?

Can you skydive at ten?

You can skydive anytime....(And that's a yes)

What is the past tense of skydive?

The past tense of skydive is skydived.

When was Skydive - Transformers - created?

Skydive - Transformers - was created in 1985.

How do you skydive in super Mario sunshine?

you can't skydive, you would die

Where did ATT film their skydive commercial?

Skydive Elsinore in Lake Elsinore, CA.

Can 12 year olds skydive anywhere?

yeah of course 12 year olds can skydive theres nothing wrong unless they dont know how to skydive.

Where can one skydive for charity?

Websites such as Do It For Charity and Click and Jump have information on where one can skydive for charity. Many skydiving services will not charge for the skydive if it is being done for charity.

Can you skydive with a teacher?

Yes you can

Can pigs skydive?

if you want them to ; )

Where do you need to be when you skydive?

in the air

Can you skydive at 12 in the US?

The minimum legal age to skydive in the United States is 18 years old.

What campaign mission on black ops do you skydive on?

the one called skydive In plain terms in the Missing WMD =)

First person to skydive?

The first modern skydiver was a Frenchman, Jacques Garnerin. However, there are records of skydiving as early as the 1100's.

Are there any indoor skydiving places in Ohio or surrounding areas?

These are; Canton Air Sports SkyDive Columbus Cleveland Parachute Center Start Skydiving Skydive Rick's Aerohio Skydiving Center TopFun Skydiving Skydive Warren County Skydive Greene County

How high do people skydive?

Many people make their first skydive with a tandem skydive. This is where they are harnessed to a qualified instructor. The 2 of them then jump from around 12000ft freefalling for around 45 seconds. After this time, the instructor opens the main parachute and the 2 then slowly glide back to the dropzone over a period of 4 or 5 minutes.

Where can you skydive if your under the age of eighteen?

It is unlawful to skydive (in the United States) if you are younger than 18 years old.

Can you skydive in GTAiv?

Yes But No Parachute.

How do you get skydive?

i fall from an air plane

Would you like to skydive or not?