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St. Andrew's

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Q: Where was the first open golf championship played?
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What was first US Open golf championship year?

The first US Open Golf Championship was held in 1895.

What is the oldest golf tournament played today?

The oldest major golf championship is The Open Championship which was first played on the 17th October 1860, and is the only major championship played outside of the USA.

Where will this years Golf Open Championship be played?


Where will the 2013 US Golf Open Championship be played?

The 2013 United States Golf Open Championship will be played at the East Course of the Merion Golf Club. The golf club is located in Ardmore, Pennsylvania.

When was the first british open?

The open championship was first played on 17th October 1860 at Prestwick golf club. It was won by Willie Park senior.

Who won the first Open Championship?

In 1860 Willie Park Sr. won the first Open Championship, at Prestwick Golf Club.

Where is the Scottish Open golf tournament played?

The Scottish Open is played at Loch Lomond, the week before The Open Championship.

When did British Open Championship Golf happen?

British Open Championship Golf happened in 1997.

In what year was the first British Open Golf Championship held?

1860 at Prestwick Golf Club.

What four major tournment are played in golf?

The Masters, US Open, The Open and USPGA Championship.

Where was the first open championship played?

The first Open Championship was played on October 17, 1860 at Prestwick Golf Club in South Ayrshire, Scotland about 30 miles southwest of Glasgow. Eight golfers played three rounds of 12 holes each in one day.

When was British Open Championship Golf created?

British Open Championship Golf was created on 1997-04-30.

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