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The fist NHL official match was held in Seattle Washington.

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Q: Where was the first official National Hockey League match held?
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When did the Edmonton Oilers join the nhl?

The Edmonton Oilers first joined the National Hockey League (NHL) In 1979

Who was the first black player in the National Hockey League?

Willie O'Ree

What professional sports league first skated into existence 92 years ago today?

NHL(National Hockey League)

What is the most goals in the first period of a national hockey league game?

26 in a 1946 game

What is the first US team admitted to the national hockey league?

From The Boston Bruins were the first US based hockey franchise in the NHL in 1924.

Who was the National Hockey League's first President?

The NHL's first president was Mr. Frank Calder, president from 1917-1943.

When did the oilers join the NHL?

The Edmonton Oilers first joined the National Hockey League (NHL) In 1979

When was Turkish Ice Hockey First League created?

Turkish Ice Hockey First League was created in 2005.

Who was the first player ever to be drafted into the National Hockey League?

Forward Garry Monahan was drafted first overall by the Montreal Canadiens in 1963

Why Malaysia's national game is hockey?

first,hockey is the national game of India but not Malaysia

What hockey player's first name begins with the letter U?

Uwe Krupp played in the National Hockey League for the several teams including the Buffalo Sabres and New York Islanders.

Who was the first Women referee Semipro National Hockey League?

Heather McDaniel became the first female to referee men's professional hockey when she worked her first game under contract with the Central Hockey League on October 21, 1995.

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