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in canton Ohio michael pond stadium

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Q: Where was the first football stadium ever built in US?
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Which was the biggest football stadium ever built?

the saltlake stadium in India holds 120,000

What is the most expensive stadium ever built?


What is the biggest baseball stadium ever built?

crosly field

Who hit the first home run in the old Yankee Stadium?

George Herman "Babe" Ruth in the first game ever played in Yankee Stadium. Hence it's nick name (the House that Ruth Built)

Has anyone ever died within old trafford football stadium?

Yes a workman fell to his death when the stadium was extended.

Did a professional football team ever play in Stanford Stadium?

Yes the Super Bowl

What was the first ever stadium to have a roof?

Baseball- 1965 Astrodome - Houstan Astros Football- Louisiana Super Dome 1975- New Orleans Saints

When was ther First ever night game at Yankee stadium?

The first ever night game at Yankees Stadium was played on May 28, 1946.

What was the first school ever to be built?

the Mather Elementary School was the first school ever built

What is the largest number ever in attendance at football stadium?

The largest attendance at a NFL football game was at the Dallas Cowboys hoem opener at the new Te xas Stadium, there were 180,532 fans in attendance.

Capacity for people in south Africa football stadium?

The main stadium, called Soccer City, can seat 95 thousand people. It is the biggest world cup stadium ever.

What is the biggest stadium ever?

Correct answer is Indianapolis Speedway seats 250,000 but for football it is the dallas cowboys stadium... most of the infromation could be found on google... :)

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