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The Polo Grounds was the home of the New York Mets for the 1962 and 1963 season.

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Q: Where was the first Mets home game played?
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Where do the mets sit during a home game?

The Mets home dugout is on the first base side.

Who was the first New York Mets player to hit a home run at Shea Stadium?

Gil Hodges hit the first home run in the first game the Mets ever played. They lost to the St. Louis Cardinals

Where was the first mets game played before shea was built?

The first Mets regular season home game was played at the Polo Grounds on April 13, 1962 against the Pittsburgh Pirates. The Pirates won 4-3. The first regular season game in Mets history was played at Sportsman Park in St. Louis against the Cardinals on April 11, 1962. The Cardinals won 11-4.

Who hit the first home run off of nolan ryan?

The first MLB home run hit off of Nolan Ryan was by Joe Torre in the 7th inning of the game between the New York Mets and Atlanta Braves played September 11, 1966.

Who hit the first home run in Mets history?

The first home run in Mets regular season history was hit by Gil Hodges in the 4th inning of a game against the St. Louis Cardinals on April 11, 1962. Hodges hit the home run off of Larry Jackson.

In the Colorado Rockies inaugural year who hit the first home run?

The first home run hit by a Colorado Rockies player was hit by Dante Bichette in the second game the franchise played, against the New York Mets at Shea Stadium, on April 7, 1993.

What is the record for home runs hit in an MLB game by one team?


Who was the first NY Met to hit a home run at Turner Field?

Manny Alexander. Shortstop Alexander hit the HR off of John Smoltz in the 8th inning of the first game the Mets played at Turner Field, July 10, 1997.

When is the last time the Detroit Tigers played the NY Mets?

This year. The Detroit Tigers played at Citi Field (home of the Mets) on June 22-24.

When do the New England Patriots play there first game in 2008?

They played their first game of 2008 at home against the Chiefs.

Where is the 2013 all-star game?

The most likely site is Citi Field, the new home of the New York Mets since the 2009 season. The Mets haven't hosted an All-Star Game since 1964, their first season in Shea Stadium.

What is the average home attendance for the New York Mets?

The average home game attendance for the New York Mets during the 2008 season was 51,165 fans (2nd in the league).

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