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Q: Where was the first Maple Leaf game played in what place?
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Why is Canada called the land of maple leaf?

The flag of Canada has a maple leaf and make the place called Canada.

In what year was the maple leaf flag first flown?

The Canadian Flag has changed from St.George's Cross to a maple leaf. The Maple Leaf Flag was first flown in 1964 although this wasn't the first flag of Canada. Still The Maple Leaf has changed through the years, check out Wikipedia to find more answers

Who was the first Maple Leaf player to score at Maple Leaf Gardens?

What is the top score hockey player on Toronto maple leafs

Who invented the maple leaf flag?

rosh maliyil made the first maple leaf ever in history

What is the only team undefeated in maple leaf gardens?

The only NHL Team to be undefeated at Maple Leaf Gardens is the Nashville Predators. However, they only played one game in the building as their first season was also the Maple Leafs' last season at that arena. Their only game at Maple Leaf Gardens ended in a tie. (Oct 19, 1998... 2-2 tie in OT)

What leaf shape does a maple leaf have?

its shaped like a maple leaf

Why is there a maple leaf for the Olympic rings?

The maple leaf appears on the Canadian flag and is an important Canadian symbol, so in the winter Olympics currently taking place in Vancouver, Canada, you will see the maple leaf as well as the traditional five linked rings of the Olympics.

Why is the Maple Leaf on the flag of Canada?

There is a maple leaf on Canada's flag because maple trees are the main tree that grows there. There is no national flower for Canada but there is a national leaf which is the Maple Leaf.

What Venation is a maple leaf?

what venation is a maple leaf

Where is the maple leaf coin minted?

Maple Leaf gold coins are made in Canada - the maple leaf is that country's symbol.

Is there a leaf called maple leaf?

Well on maple trees, they produce maple leaves.

Is a maple leaf lobed or broad leaf?

Any leaf that isn't a needle is a broad leaf, so yes a maple leaf is a broad leaf. A maple leaf is not lobed, it is just a different shape and is toothed.

What is the leaf on the Canada flag?

The leaf on the Canadian flag is the maple leaf. It is there because the maple leaf is the national leaf of Canada.

Who played the final game at maple leaf gardens?

The Maple Leafs lost 6-2 to the Chicago Blackhawks on February 13, 1999. Bob Probert scored the final goal in Maple Leaf Gardens history.

Is the red maple leaf simple or compound?

The red maple leaf is a trifoliolate leaf

What type of leaf is on the canadian flag?

The leaf on the Canadian flag is a maple leaf; specifically, a sugar maple leaf.

What are the parts of a maple leaf?

The maple leaf is the national emblem of Canada. Parts of a maple leaf include the blade, petiole, stipules and veins.

What is the leaf type of an silver maple tree?

a silver maple leaf

Why is there a maple leaf on the Canadian flag?

There is a maple leaf on the Canadian flag because the maple tree is our national tree which has maple leaves on it!!

What does the maple leaf mean on the Canada flag?

The Maple leaf represents the Maple trees in Canada. Also That Maple syrup is made.

What does Canada maple leaf stands for?

because maple syrup is a big part of Canada therefore the maple tree=maple leaf

What type of maple leaf is used on Canada's flag?

The maple leaf on the Canadian flag is an 11 pointed maple leaf. There is no signifigance to the 11 points.

What does the maple leaf represents?

== == The Red Maple leaf is similar to the Silver Maple leaf(which is a simple leaf), so I'd say that it's a simple leaf. it is a simple leaf

Why does the Canadian flag have a maple leaf on it?

The Canadian flag has a maple leaf on it because there are lots of maple trees in Canada and that tree is where they get sap to make maple syrup. It is also for symbolism because the maple leaf is a Canadian symbol.

Why do you have a maple leaf on your Canadian flag?

We have the maple leaf on our flag because Canada has beautiful maple leaf trees . Another reason is because the Priminister Pearson saw the maple leaf on the bablons of the Canadian Expeditionary force in WW1.