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at hogwarts

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Q: Where was over the line softball was developed?
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Where was over the line softball developed?

at hogwarts

Where over the line softball was developed?

chi town

What is the over line in softball?


Where over the line softball was develops?

at hogwarts

What is an OTL tournament?

It's an Over The Line Tournament. Over the line is agame related to softball and baseball.

When the first softball developed?

in 1876

Who developed the rules of softball?

Geroge Hancock

Where softball first was developed?

chicago in 1888

Who developed the game softball?

George Hancock

When were standard rules for softball developed and by whom?

George Hancock developed and published the standard rules for softball in 1889. He invented the game in 1887, and the first softball game was indoors.

Who developed the outdoor version of softball?

Lewis Rober, Sr.

When where standard rules for softball developed and by whom?

George Hancock ,

Where is softball located?

Softball is played all over the world

What is the a in softball line scores?

A is assist which is a fielding statistic.

Can you use lime to line a softball field?


Where else in the world is softball played in?

Softball is played all over the world.

Who established softball?

George Hancock invented softball. It grew until rules were developed and now we have the ISF (International Softball Federation) as international governing body to take care of the sport

Definition of line drive in softball?

Definition: line drive is a hit that goes straight and is not rolling on the ground. A line drive in softball is the same thing in baseball, the only difference is the size of the ball.

Are there softball teams in California?

uhhh yeah there are softball teams ALL OVER THE WORLD! =)

When can you take the lead off base in softball?

After the softball has crossed over that home plate.

What is the background of the softball?

Softball developed as a younger version of baseball. Softball was started by elements of other sports of which were boating, boxing and football. A boating club, a boxing glove and a football game were key parts in the very first game of softball.

What is the length of the base line on a softball field?

60 feet

When were standard rules for softball developed?

The game of softball was invented in Chicago in 1887 by George Hancock. The idea for the ball came from an old boxing glove.

Why does baseball have an over throw pitch and softball have an under throw pitch?

Because a softball is heavier then a baseball.

What is the distance of the co-ed line on a softball field?

coed line is 200' fence is usually 300'