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A is assist which is a fielding statistic.

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Q: What is the a in softball line scores?
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Is the winner of the softball game the team that scores the most runs?

Yes, the team that scores the most runs wins in the game of softball.

What is the over line in softball?


Where was over the line softball developed?

at hogwarts

Where was over the line softball was developed?

at hogwarts

Where over the line softball was develops?

at hogwarts

Can you use lime to line a softball field?


Where over the line softball was developed?

chi town

What is a shut out in softball?

A shut-out is when one team defeats another team, and the losing team scores no runs.

Definition of line drive in softball?

Definition: line drive is a hit that goes straight and is not rolling on the ground. A line drive in softball is the same thing in baseball, the only difference is the size of the ball.

What is the length of the base line on a softball field?

60 feet

What is an OTL tournament?

It's an Over The Line Tournament. Over the line is agame related to softball and baseball.

What is the distance of the co-ed line on a softball field?

coed line is 200' fence is usually 300'

What is a fair in softball?

Any ball that lands in the area within the foul line

What are the three types of hits are there in softball?

Grounder, line drive, and pop up

What is the length of the foul line in softball?

The foul line runs from home plate to the outfield fence so the length depends on the length of the field which will very from field to field. Most softball fields will have a length of 190 to 210 feet along the foul line.

Where is the commitment line in slow pitch softball?

The commitment line is drawn perpendicular to the third base line 20 feet from the point of home plate.

What is on deck in softball?

It is a term to identify the next batter in the line up after the current batter.

What is a dp player in softball?

A player who hits in the line up for anothe player in the field

Where can you find funky sliding shorts?

finish line, softball is us, hibbot sports

What is an rbi in softball?

An rbi is when there is a runner on a base and the hitter is at the plate and hits the ball and the runner that was on the base comes home and scores rbi = RUN BATTED IN

What is a grandslam in softball?

When all three bases are loaded, and the person up to bat gets a home-run and all the players (even the batter) scores

What is the purpose of the attack line in volleyball?

Well.... it scores the points, most of the time.

What is the distance from homeplate to second base in softball?

If you are playing with a 60' base line then it is 84' 10.25"

Where can you find international league baseball scores?

International League (a AAA minor league) scores can be found on line or, daily, in the USA Today paper.

Why softball is better than softball?

They are the same thing!! "Why softball is better than softball?"