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Q: Where was 9th south Asian federation games held?
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Where will be next Asian games held and when it will be held?

17th Asian games will be held in Incheon,South Korea.

When was the last Asian games held?

The last Asian Games were held in the South Korean city of Busan in year 2006.

What is the motto of the Asian games?

The motto of the Asian Games Federation since 1951 has been "Ever onward". This motto was given to it by Jawaharlal Nehru, the first prime minister of India. The 2014 version of the Asian Games is being held in Incheon, South Korea and has the motto "Diversity shines here".

Where the 2014 Asian games to be held?

The 2014 Asian Games will be held in Incheon, South Korea from September19th to October 4th.

Where will be the next Asian games held?

inchonea,south Korea

Where 2014 Asian games will be held?

Incheon - South Korea

Where was the first south Asian games held in India?


Where will the 17th Asian games be held?

Incheon in South Korea

Next Asian games will be held in?

The next Asian Games will be held in Incheon, South Korea beginning on September 19th and ending on October 4th 2014. Incheon is the third South Korean city to host the games after Seoul in 1986 and Busan in 2002. The 2018 installment of the Asian Games will be held in Jakarta, Indonesia at a time that has yet to be determined.

Where were the Asian games 2014 held?

The last Games was held in Incheon, South Korea from 19 September to 4 October 2014.

When and where is the next Asian Games going to be held?

Cheon,South Korea,2014

When and where will the 2014 Asian Games be held?

(Colombo Lankapuvath March 24) The next Asian Games "Incheon Asian Games 2014- Korea" scheduled to be held in September is to be held in an environment friendly main stadium in the city of Incheon in South Korea.

Where are 2010 Asian games held?

The 2010 Asian Games were held in Guangzhou, China.

What sports being held in Asian games for the year 2010?

where are the Asian games begin held this year

Where were Asian games held in 2009?

The 25th Southeast Asian Games was held in Vientiane, Laos, in December 2009.

Where were the only two summer Olympic games held on Asian continent?

1964 in Tokyo, Japan and 1988 in Seoul, South Korea. The 2008 Games in Beijing will be the third Summer Games held in Asia.

In which country 2009 Asian games held?

The Asian games are not contested n 2009.

Has Iran ever hosted the Asian Games?

Yes, Tehran held the 1974 Asian Games.

In which city was the first Asian games held?

The Asian Games (also known as the Asiad) are a series of competitions that countries from all over Asia. In total 46 nations have participated in the games over sixteen competitions. New Delhi was the first city to host the Asian Games when it hosted in 1951. In 2014 the Asian Games will be hosted by Incheon, South Korea.

Who decides where the commonwealth games are held?

The Commonwealth Games Federation decides the host of the Commonwealth Games.

where did the first Asian games held in which country?


Which Asian games held in china?


Where was Asian games 2010 held?


Where was the 1982 Asian games held?


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