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Q: Where to look for a coach for Olympic mogul skiing?
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What olympic sport would a cow look most funny participating in?

1. Running 2. swimming 3. skiing 4.long jump 5.long jump

What is the answer to secret agent G's riddle?

It depends on the riddle:Case of the Missing Puffles: (How many pairs of socks do I own?) The answer varies; you must look in the Pet Shop. Use your code.G's Secret Mission: (To find the secret word, you must look at the game that has a rabbit in its name or something like that) Mogul.Both of these are riddles.

What is the anwer to Gs riddle?

The answer is mogul i have no idea why i had to look it up myself!

What is the answer to this riddel of club penguin to find the secret word look near a lively game pointing to a patch with rabbit in its name?

This is revealed from Gary, then to Dp127 and then to me. Dp127 says its: Mogul

To find the secret word look by a lively game pointing to the path with a rabbit in its name?


What does skiing look like?

Search in google and you'll find out.

Do they look at your childhood times in the Olympics?

NO, They do not. They look at your Olympic Trials time which it like a tryout for the Olympic team.

What is the riddle on mission 2 on club penguin?

to find the secret word look near a lively game;pointing to a path with a rabbit in its name

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hi Brazil olympic flag is .......

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A round medal with an Olympic logo on it.

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One can find cheap skiing holidays at a website called EasyJet. Another website that one can look at is SlideShare. You can also find blogs on Tumblr about cheap skiing holidays.

Can you wear sports glasses skiing?

Sunglasses are one of the few accessories you wear that not only look cool but also ... For skiing, Snowboarding, Surfing, Skateboarding or driving,