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the crater, which is the size of twenty football pitches, is in Arizona, USA.

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Q: Where to is a crater size of twenty football pitches?
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Where is the crater the size of 20 football pitches?

Arizona, USA

Is the titanic the same size as three football-pitches?

yes the titanic is the same size as three football-pitches

Is one hundred thousand square kilometers equivalent to twenty football pitches?

No. It's not even close. 100,000 square kilometers is somewhere between Iceland and South Korea in size. Or, to put it another way, it's roughly the size of Kentucky or Indiana.

Are all football pitches the same size?

Not at all; standard school football pitches are much smaller than Premier League pitches, for example. Also, some of the English teams in lower leagues have smaller pitches at their home grounds than those of the bigger teams.

Which sport has the largest ground?

Football has a stadium which can fit 9 football pitches 9 full size

How big of crater would 99942 apophis asteroid make?

About the size of three football fields.

How big was the dance floor in the titanic?

It could have been the size of two football pitches.

What is the area of the Brazil 2014 football pitch?

Football pitches vary in size. The maximum area would be GAY square meters.

How much of the Brazilian rainforest are you losing each minute?

two full size football pitches

What is the size of Crater Lake National Park?

the size of crater lake its about 183224 acrea

How many football pitches in a rainforest?

None. It is something they say to try and give you an idea how big something is as most people can envisage the size of a football pitch.

How many football pitches Noah's ark?

Noah's Ark was approximately 450 feet in length. Depending on what sort of football field, it is about the same size or 150 feet larger.

What affects the size of a crater?

The size of a crater depends on the mass and speed of the meteorites that caused them.

How did the size of the the meteroite affect the size of the crater?

Generally the larger the meteorite the larger the crater.

How wide is a a football field?

Association football pitches are not all the same size, although most professional football teams will play on a pitch which will measure 105 by 68 metres (115 yards × 74 yards).

How many acres is a full size football pitch?

2 acres but some smaller clubs have smaller pitches than bigger clubs.

How many Yards does a Football field measure?

In English football pitches are not all the same size. They have to measure between 90m and 120m long and between 45m and 90m wide. If you mean US football I don't know.

How big were the original football pitches?

There probably weren't any specific sizes of football pitch...not until the English had written out the rules in 1863 which would have stated size of the pitch between both goals.

Which sport requires the largest field to play hockey or cricket?

Cricket. Cricket pitches can vary in size but are pretty much always going to be bigger than a hockey pitch if your playing any where decent. Hockey pitches can vary in size to, but only a tiny amount. they are the same size as a football pitch.

How much rainforest is being destroyed every minute?

the size of 4 football pitches are sadly cut down every minute of every day

How big is the biggest crater on Mars?

The biggest crater that has been discovered on Mars, was spotted by Bruce Cantor using the Mars Color Imager weather camera. He spotted it in January 2012, estimating it to be about 48.5 by 43.5 meters. This is about the size of a half football field lengthwise.

How does the size of an impact crater compare to the impactor?

The crater is always bigger than the impactor.

What size is kilauea crater?


Does the force of a meteor affect a crater size?

Yes it does.

What is the size of mt fuji's crater?

The diameter of Mt Fuji's crater is 600 metres.