Where to get a steal ball?

Updated: 10/22/2022
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obtain national pokedex and go to pokemon league. You battle the champion right away using only the first pokemon in your lineup. She will only have spiritomb( who is this time 10 levwls higher so it is at level 68). win by beating spiritomb before it defeats your only 1 pokemon and credits will roll again. Then steal balls appear in somee pokemarts at same price as ultra balls(this only for pokemon platinum).

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Q: Where to get a steal ball?
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Can you steal on a strike in softball?

You certainly may. A base-runner may leave the bag as soon as the pitcher releases the ball.

Where do you get steal in Pokemon Pearl?

If you have a master ball you can steal someone elses pokemon.

What is a registration code for steal ball?

Here is a registration code that is used for Steal Ball. The code was taken from a video for the game. The code is, 63702228667960.

Is a steal a turnover in basketball?

If they actual jump ball takes place then yes. If the jump ball results in an alternating possession then no steal is awarded.

Where do you get a light ball?

use thief on red's pickachu to steal a light ball

What is steal in basketball?

A Steal in basketball is when you stael the ball from your oponent. so if ou either intersept the ball when he is about to shoot or when you grab the ball from him when he is dribling

How do you steal Pokémon in Pokémon Silver?

with a master ball

What does steal mean in baseball?

What it mean in baseball (as well in softball) to steal is when the ball has been pitched you run to the next base. But you may have to run back because the ball was hit out of bounds. Another way to steal is when the ball was pitched and the catcher dropped it. Then again you run to the next base.

Which outfielder did Steve bartman steal the ball?

Moises alou

Can you steal a light ball from a pokemon trainer in pokemon black?


Which player gets credited with a steal in basketball the player who tips the ball or the player who grabs the tipped ball?

The player who tips the ball.

If you steal Pikachu's light ball from Red with thief. Can you steal it again the second when you challenge Red again?

yes you can and yes you will