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Q: Where to get a kids shooting sleeve?
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What arm do you wear a shooting sleeve on?

You would wear a shooting sleeve on the arm that you shoot the ball with.

What is the brand of lebron James shooting sleeve?

The Nike Pro Combat Padded Shooting Sleeve.

Where to buy a NBA shooting sleeve?

Discover the best and affordable Nba shooting sleeve at Jump USA.

What is the best shooting sleeve?

It's between the Nike pro combat padded sleeve and the Adidas techfit padded sleeve.

Which sport does a shooting sleeve help with?

A shooting sleeve is used in basketball. It is designed in such a way that it returns the ball to the general direction of the shooter, helping him/her practice their shots.

How do you make your Nike Pro Combat padded shooting sleeve tighter?

Work our like an NBA player and pump up your bicep/forearm, and then the shooting sleeve will be tighter! :-)

What brand shooting sleeve does rajon rondo wear?

Im pretty sure its either a mcdavid arm sleeve or a nike arm sleeve

Where can you buy a basketball shooting sleeve in Alberta?

The U.S.

Can you wear a shooting sleeve in high school?


Who invented the arm shooting sleeve?

Allen iverson

Where do you get a youth hex pad shooting sleeve?

all of it

How do you make a basketball shooting sleeve your size without buying your own?

Cut the sleeve of an old under armour shirt

What is the thing on Kobe bryants arm called?

shooting sleeve

Who started wearing the NBA shooting sleeve?

Allen Iverson

Why does carmelo Anthony cover his tattoos on his left arm?

It's a shooting sleeve, a lot of players wear them.Fun Fact: Ray Allen (Boston Celtics) wears a shooting sleeve on one arm during the regular season and a sleeve on both arms in the playoffs.

Is a shooting sleeve any good because I have a naturally cold body so would it help my shooting and if I did get one which brand would you recommend?

a shooting sleeve would help some and it would keep your elbow a bit straighter but i would also suggest some armbands

What does a shooting sleeve help with in basketball?

Shooting sleeves are meant to help players practice their shots on their own. Shooting sleeves are also know as rebounders or hoop chutes. The shooting sleeve attaches to the bottom of the rim and has a directional design that is meant to bring the ball back to the player. This type of equipment is helpful if the player has a good shot and wants to practice free throws or a shot from some other location where they will not be moving around the court. A shooting sleeve does nothing to return airballs or missed shots.

Where can you get a youth basketball shooting sleeve?

Any sporting goods store.

Where did john wall get his shooting sleeve?

Everything he got was from Kentucky. You idiot!

What does the Nike combat padded sleeve do?

It keeps your shooting arm warm

What does a basketball shooting sleeve do?

Well. I recently baught a shooting sleeve and this is what iv read it does. It keeps your muscles warmLooks goodAnd it kinda gets to your head that it improves your shooting So it can probably increase your shooting. But if you start missing its just getting to your head. But overall doesn't do much. Just mainly for looks

How do you wear a shooting sleeve?

you put the shooting sleeve on whatever arm you shoot with, if you are a righty put it on your right hand if your a lefty put it on your eft hand. the wide end goes up by your shoulder and the thin side goes by your wrist.

Why does Dwight Howard wear his shooting sleeve on his left hand rather than his right hand?

Some players wear the shooting sleeve on their non shooting arm to keep their arms from getting scratched up when driving lane etc. as the player(s) guarding them tend to take swipes at them and the ball.

Why does Kobe wear a sleeve?

Kobe Wears that sleeve to keep his shooting arm warm helps to keep your arms form getting sore are tense.

Does Allen Iverson have a shooting sleeve rotation?

a lot because he is so good