Where to find a tennis court?

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At a leisure centre.

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Q: Where to find a tennis court?
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how do i find a technician to repair tennis court?

You can find a technician to repair your tennis court by looking at the website: You may also be able to find out how to repair your tennis court yourself to save money.

Where is the oldest tennis court?

the tennis court at Falkland palace royale tennis club in Scotland is the oldest tennis court

What is the name of a tennis court?

A tennis Court.:S

What is the Lenght of a tennis court?

what is the lenght of a tennis court

Where could I find products to do my own tennis court repair?

You can find products and universal guidelines for do-it-yourself repairing of your tennis court at Tennis Universal, Inc.. Their website is located at Another site you can find products at is The Court Store. Their website is and you will find products as well as instructional guides.

What is 'tennis court' when translated from English to French?

"Tennis court" in English is court de tennis in French.

Do you say A lighted tennis court or A lit tennis court?

You say "a lit tennis court." ex. Tennis courts are lit at night.

How do you label a tennis court?

well go 2 google and find out

What sports were played during the French Revolution?

Mostly, real tennis was played. (The Tennis Court Oath was taken on a real tennis court.) You can find out more about real tennis by visiting .

What makes a tennis court slow?

A tennis court does not move.

Where do the people on a tennis court stand?

Usually on the tennis court.

When was On-Court Tennis created?

On-Court Tennis was created in 1984.

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