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The next FIFA World Cup will be held in 2018. Russia has been picked to host the tournament after a long voting process, beating the likes of Engand.

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Q: Where is the world cup soccer next year and where in 2015?
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What year is the next world cup of soccer?


What year will the next men's soccer world cup be held?

The next world cup will be held in Brazil in the year 2014.

When and where will be the next World Cup in soccer?

This 2011 FIFA Women's World Cup will be held this year, 2011.

Who won the soccer World Cup in 2009?

As it will be held next year in 2010 , there was no world cup in 2009.

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Where will the 2015 World Cup be held?

There is no F.i.F.A world cup in the year 2015, it is in 2014.

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Where will be the next ICC World Cup?

The next ICC 50 overs World Cup will be jointly hosted by Australia and New Zealand in the year 2015. And, the next ICC T20 World Cup will be held in 2012 in Sri Lanka.

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Which country will host the next world cup soccer and in what year?

In the year 2010 the world cup will be held in South Africa for the first time. It will also be held in an African country for the first time.

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