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Parking lot

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2010-11-11 00:31:29
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Q: Where is the visitors section at a Alabama football game?
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What is the highest scoring SEC football game?


When was University of Alabama's first football game?

According to College Football Data Warehouse, Alabama's first football game was played November 11, 1892 against Birmingham High School. Alabama won 56-0. Ironically, their second game was the very next day against the Birmingham Athletic Club. Alabama lost that game 5-4.

Has Alabama ever lost a national championship game in college football?

Alabama has never lost a national championship game.

What is the most points scored by Alabama in a football game?


What year did Alabama play their first football game?

Alabama's first football game was played in Birmingham on Friday afternoon, November 11, 1892, at the old Lakeview Park.

What was the 1983 score of the Alabama vs auburn football game?

Auburn 23, Alabama 20.

What was the score of the last UGA vs Alabama football game?

Alabama - 41 Georgia - 30 This was supposed to be Georgia's blackout game.

Has Ohio state ever won a football game against Alabama?


Who was the opponent in Florida's first football game at Florida Field?


Who came first Atlanta Braves or university of Alabama?

The Alabama Crimson Tide's first football game was in 1892. The Atlanta Braves first baseball game was in 1966. So Alabama's football team came first.(i.e. ATLANTA STOLE THEIR "A")

What was the score the 1996 Alabama and auburn football game?

On November 23rd, Alabama beat Auburn 24-23.

When does the arkansas Alabama game start?

The Arkansas and Alabama college football game will start at 6 pm EST on ESPN on October 11, 2014.

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