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The Archery competition at the 2008 Olympics will be held at the Beijing Olympic Green Archery Field. The field seats 5,000 and the dates of competition will be August 9 - 15. Click on the 'Beijing Olympic Green Archery Field' link below to see pictures of the venue from the Beijing Olympics website.

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Q: Where is the venue for archery in Beijing Olympics?
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Was archery in the Olympics in Beijing 2008?


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Here are a few top archers. Italy's Marco Galiazzo won gold in the individual archery event at the Athens Olympics, and won silver at the Beijing games in the team event. Viktor Ruban of Ukraine won the Beijing Games men's individual archery gold. Hiroshi Yamamoto of Japan won silver in the individual event at Athens, and this was preceded by bronze in the individual at Los Angeles in 1984. South Korea's Park Kyung-Mo won silver at Beijing in the individual event, and gold in the Beijing men's Olympic team archery. Some women who are top athletes in archery include: Zhang Juan-Juan of China won the women's individual gold medal in archery at Beijing and silver in the women's team event. She also won silver in the team event at Athens. South Korea's Park Sung-Hyun holds the women's world record for a 70m 72-arrow round (individual event), set at the Athens Olympics, and won a gold medal with her team at both Athens and Beijing. She also won silver for the individual event at Beijing.

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