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There are lots of soccer stadiums in the USA

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Q: Where is the soccer stadium located at in the us?
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What is the biggest sports stadium in the US?

biggest soccer stadium in usa

What is the name of the US soccer team national stadium?

The U.S. had many stadiums used for soccer, but no designated national stadium.

What US soccer stadium has the largest seating capacity?

The Rose Bowl, in Pasadena, CA - when it is used for soccer.

What is the biggest soccer stadium in the US?

i think is the giant stadium, because that were the final of the gold cup is going to be. The biggest soccer-specific stadium in the US is the Home Depot Center, home of the LA Galaxy and Chivas USA. The stadium has a capacity of over 27,000. Technically though, The Home Depot Center isn't the biggest soccer-hosting stadium. Gillette Stadium, a multi-purpose stadium, is also home the New England Revolution team. Their capacity is 68,000, making them the biggest soccer stadium.

What was the first soccer stadium?

the first soccer stadium was wembley in London

When was UNCG Soccer Stadium created?

UNCG Soccer Stadium was created in 1991.

When was USF Soccer Stadium created?

USF Soccer Stadium was created in 1978.

Where is the best place to watch US Major Soccer League live?

At the stadium.

Where is the Antalyaspor soccer club located?

The Antalyaspor Soccer Club is located in the city of Antalya. This team wears the colors red and white for every game they play at their home stadium.

When was Waipio Peninsula Soccer Stadium created?

Waipio Peninsula Soccer Stadium was created in 2000.

When was Air Force Soccer Stadium created?

Air Force Soccer Stadium was created in 1995.

When was Soldiers Field Soccer Stadium created?

Soldiers Field Soccer Stadium was created in 2010.

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