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it is played on Jumeirah Golf Estates,Dubai,United Arab Emirates.

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Q: Where is the race to Dubai golf which golf course is it played on?
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There is an eighteen hole golf course on the grounds of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Part of the course is contained within the race course.

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Most expensive horse race held in which country?

The Dubai Cup has a US$10 Million purse making it the richest race in the world. The race is held at Meydan Race Track in Dubai, UAE.

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John Pinfold has written: 'Hoylake race course and the beginningns of the Royal Liverpool Golf Club' -- subject(s): Golf courses, History, Racetracks (Horse racing) 'An Aintree Dynasty'

Where is the most expensive horse race held?

Dubai world cup

What year did the fed ex cup start in Dubai?

There is no Fed Ex Cup event in Dubai. You may be thinking of The Race to Dubai which is the European Tour equivilent of the Fed Ex Cup.

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Dubai hosts the Dubai world cup series of races, and the top race of the meet is the Dubai World Cup, it has a grand prize of ten million dollars (US dollars). The first place horse get six million dollars for winning.