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Same as mens.

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Q: Where is the out of bounds in womens' field lacrosse?
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How big was the field when the lacrosse game was first played?

there were no out of bounds. you could run as far as u want

When was the first womens lacrosse team stared?

This became Canada's notions sport for womans lacrosse on July 1st 1867.

A field game with a netted stick?


How big is a field lacrosse crease?

The crease on the men's lacrosse field has a radius of 9 feet.There is a link to a printable field layout here that will answer your question.

Which is bigger a lacrosse field or football field?

A lacrosse field is wider by a yard or so and shorter by 10 or so yards.

Is the STX arrow a womens lacrosse head?

No. It was strictly designed for mens lacrosse. They had to make it oddly shaped to pass NCAA standards.

If you get out of bounds in lacrosse the other team does what?

If your team has the ball/you go out of bounds with the ball, it will be given to the other team. If you go out of bounds, but you're not the one with the ball, doesn't really matter. But, there's really no point in doing that.

Can you use field hockey balls in lacrosse?

No Field Hockey balls are too hard and are not bouncy enough for lacrosse.

Which is easier lacrosse or field hockey?

field hockey

How are field hockey and lacrosse alike?

they r on a field

When was field lacrosse made?

The same time lacrosse was made, so look at the question, "when was lacrosse made".

Can you check the stick with your stick in an upward direction toward the face in lacrosse?

No in womens lacrosse. I'm fairly certain you can in mens because the face is protected.