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New York hence NY Mets Queens, Flushing Meadows to be exact but if you dont know where the stadium is you are probably not a fan

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Q: Where is the mets stadium located?
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What stadium do the Mets play in?


What is the name of the Mets' stadium?

The Mets have used three stadiums as their home field-The Polo Grounds from 1962-1964, Shea Stadium from 1964-2008, and Citi Field from 2009-Present. The Polo Grounds, while used as the Mets' home stadium, was not built for the Mets. It was the New York Giant's field which the expansion team Mets used until Shea Stadium was built.

Who built Shea Stadium?

Shea Stadium was built by the New York Mets

Where is Shea Stadium?

== == Shea Stadium USED to be located in Flushing Meadow, New York. However, the Mets moved into a new home, Citi Field, in 2009. Shea is now demolished.

Where is the Jackie Robinson Rotunda?

In front of the new stadium for the New York Mets, Citi Field. It is located in Queens, New York.

Where do the New York Mets play?

The Mets play in CitiField, in Queens, New York. In 2009 they moved into Citi Field, a new stadium across the street from Shea Stadium, the former stadium

What janitorial company cleans at mets stadium?


What is the name of the Mets home field?

Shea Stadium

What is the capcity of the stadium for the mets?

holds 45,000 pepole

How much new mets stadium?

its a big stadium and its hard to hit home runs for dwright

Where did the NY Mets play before Shea Stadium?

The Mets played at the Polo Grounds.

Top 10 largest baseball fields?

royals stadium mets stadium red sox stadium cubs stadium Yankees stadium dodgers stadium angels stadium diamond backs stadium giants stadium and rockies stadium

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