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The higest-altitude outdoor rink in Canada is at Big White ski resort in Kelowna.

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Denver, Colorado.

Denver is located at 5280 feet ASL

Ice Cadet Arena at the US Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs is above 7000 feet ASL.

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Q: Where is the highest altitude ice rink in Canada?
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Highest altitude ice rink in Canada?

Big White Ski Resort near Kelowna, British Columbia

What is the biggest ice rink in Canada?

chathems rinks are big

What was the name of the first artificial ice rink in ice hockey?

It was built inMontreal Canada. i don't know the year.

It Is said that ice hockey is played on a sheet of ice called?

In Canada, at least, the sheet of ice is simply referred to as a rink.

Is it an ice rink or an ice field in ice hockey?

Ice rink.

When was the first indoor ice rink invented?

The first indoor skaating rink was located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, and it opened in 1862. This rink was different from the indoor ice rinks of today because because it was a natural ice rink and as a result it could only be used in the winter. In 1876, the first indoor ice rick that used manufactured ice opened in London, England.

When was Oxford Ice Rink created?

Oxford Ice Rink was created in 1984.

When was Haymarket Ice Rink created?

Haymarket Ice Rink was created in 1912.

When did Haymarket Ice Rink end?

Haymarket Ice Rink ended in 1978.

When was Galleria Ice Rink created?

Galleria Ice Rink was created in 1989.

What is another word for a large sheet of ice?

Ice rink?

What is the playground of ice hockey called?

I think you mean the "rink".