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i have a Yamaha Golf cartserial# jg5-315607 the cart was starving for fuel and not running properly cleaned the carbchecked the lines and the 3 way valve the cart will only run when i pull the choke then of course it smokes as it is to rich. on the flat area it will run okay asmall ioncline i have to pull the choke this is a gas engine . would there be a electronic governor on this cart if so where is it also is there a gas filter in the tank? i do not know the year

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A lot of golf carts now if they are electric have motor controllers that can be programmed. Check with the Buggies Unlimited or Buggies Gopne Wild Golf Cart Forum

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Q: Where is the governor on a Yamaha golf car?
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Yamaha golf cars are made in Newnan, Georgia. Yamaha electric golf cars are 95% made in the USA and the gas cars are 88% made in the USA. Most all of the car is built by Yamaha in their plant in Georgia. Other brands of cars are basically no more than 66% built in the USA making Yamaha the more American cart.

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I wouldn't take off the governor, but you can loosen it. It sits on the rear end of the drivers side, and it's simply a bolt and nut that the looser you make the nut, the more speed you'll get from your cart.

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