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I', pretty sure it's at the spot of the kick

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Q: Where is the football placed after a missed field goal in college football?
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Where is the ball placed following a missed or blocked field goal in High school football?

At the 20 yard line

What is the rule for a missed field goal in college football?

In college football, the rule for a missed field goal to the kicker's left is called wide left and conversely wide right if it misses to the kicker's right. It is described as short if it is aimed correctly but does not have the distance to go over the cross bar.

Is the spot of the ball on a missed field goal the line of scrimage of the field goal attemp or the actual spot that the holder spotted the ball to kick the field goal?

In the NFL, the ball will be placed at the spot of the hold after a missed field goal. If the kick took place from inside the 20, the ball is moved out to the 20. In college football, the opposing team gets the ball from the original line of scrimmage.

In college and pro football Where is the ball placed after a missed fieldgoal?

Except in desperate situations, a team will generally attempt a field goal only when keeping a drive alive is unlikely, and their kicker has a significant chance of success, as a missed field goal results in a turnover at the spot of the kick in the NFL; in the NCAA it's at the spot of the snap.

How big is a college football field?

how big the football field is in UCLA?

How many players are on a football field and what do each player play?

were should each player be placed on a football field

Who can call a timeout on the field during a college football game?

Coaches and quarterbacks can call a timeout on the field during a college football game.

How big is West Texas A and M university football field?

The size of the regulation college football field.

Oldest college football stadium?

Franklin Field

Can college football coaches be on the field during a play?


If a football team misses a field goal where does the other team take possession of the football?

It depends:In the NFL, it is from the spot that the ball was placed for the kicker.In College and High School, it is from the line of scrimmage where the ball was snapped.

In college does a missed field goal on 3rd down automatically go to the defense?


How long is a college football field?

A College Football field is 100 yards long, like an NFL field. There aren't many differences between College Football and NFL, except things like they have to be in College, so they can only play for four years, and the fact that only one foot has to be in for a catch to be complete.

On kickoffs in football where is the ball placed?

Association footballThe ball is placed at the centre of the field, in the middle of the centre circle. American footballThe ball is placed at the kicking team's 30-yard line in college. In high school, the ball is placed at the 40-yard line. In the NFL, it is placed at the 35.

How many yards is a college football field?

100 yards

How many players in the field for college football game?


What was the previous rule for a missed field goal in college and professional football?

The previous rule was if the kick was ruled no good and the ball went through the end zone or struck an upright it was considered a touchback and the ball was placed on the 20 yard line. If the ball did not get to the end zone and the non kicking team did not attempt to return it, the ball was placed at the spot the officials whistled it dead.

What college football team has red turf?

Eastern Washington has red turf on their football field.

Why do college football not kick field gold from center of field?

Because it would be a sixty yard field goal, and only a handful of college kickers can make it from there.

Is a NFL field bigger than a college football field?

The playing surface is the same size in both.

How many college player are on the field during a football game?

the answer would be about 63 considering that each football "college" team is about 30 players long...

How many yard from side line to side line football field?

depends if the field is a high school of pro or college field

What is the reason for hash marks?

In football, the ball is placed on the field after a play where the players movement has stopped. Although, if the player steps out of bounds, the ball is placed towards the center of the field to the nearest hash mark. If not, the ball would be placed at the sidelines.

How much does the university of Pittsburgh pay to play football in heinz field?

None they don't get payed to play football in college

In college football may either team advance a blocked field goal?