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On most tables it is on the head rail. On many tables, it is provided on the side of the table. Typicaly, there are no marking by the manufacturer inside the table, but some have markings.

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Q: Where is the brand name on a pool table?
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How do you identify the brand name of a pool table?

The brand name is typically shown on the rail, and more recently, on the table side. There typically is no marking provided inside the table.

Why is a pool table called a pool table?

It is a pocket billiards table, but during the 1920's men would "pool" their money for betting, hence the name pool table came to use. The common term used today is "pool table".

What is the name of a pool table cushion?


What is a pool table overhang called?

There is no overhang of a pool table that has a name. The rail cushions overhang the surface, but this is a part of the table and is not referred to as overhang.

Can a pool table have 8 pockets?

No, if a pool table is not configured as a 6 pocket pool table it is not a pool table today.

Name a specific kind of table?

coffee table,dinning room table,kitchen, pool table,card table,glass table

How old is your pool table?

I do not own a pool table.

What is the difference between a pool table and a billiard table -?

a pool table has balls but billard table has balls to play i would reccommed the pool table

Have a pool table and serial number need to know how old it is?

I have pool table but can't find out any information on the style, brand, or anything else. I found a partial tag for it with the model #6029. any help would be appreciated!

Is Makita table saw a brand name?

Yes, Makita is a brand name and table saw is the product. Here's the company's web site

What is the value of a 1950's pool table from a brand name merchant?

The value can range from $500 to $5000. The average 1 inch slate quality table from Brunswick, Gandy, and similar good names sells for $1000-$1500 whether it is from 1950 or 1990.