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There are many places where Table Tennis tables can be purchased. Local choices include Sears stores as well as sporting goods stores such as Dicks Sports.

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Q: Where is the best place to find table tennis tables?
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What is the best quality table tennis table?

On my opinion, I think stiga tables are very good. They are good quality and are cheap

What are some of the best deals on ping pong tables- Any ideas?

Ping pong tables or Table Tennis, are very expensive. $1,000.00 is the least amount you will get for a Ping Pong table.

Where is the best place to buy a Stiga Table Tennis table?

Many sporting goods stores carry Stiga Table Tennis tables. You can also often find them in general merchandise or discount stores like Wal-Mart. They are sold in nearly 100 countries around the world.

Which sport is best basketball or table tennis?

Table tennis

Who is the best table-tennis players in the world?

The best table tennis player in the world at the moment is Zhang Jike.

Who is India's best table tennis player?

India's best table tennis player is Sharath Kamal ACHANT.

Where's the best place I can get a patio table?

Patio tables can be purchased at walmart or you also have the opton of and the or the sears store. is the best place to purchase a patio table.

Best place for tennis in the world?

England is the best place for tennis.

Is the national sport in china table tennis?

Yes,table tennis is China's best sport.

Where can I find a good deal on a puzzle table?

A good place to find good deals on puzzle tables is at They have the best puzzle tables. Another really good place would be at

What are the best commercial tables out now?

Some of the best available commercial tables come from Central Restaurant Products. They sell many tables such as melanine table tops, dura edge table tops, and vinyl edge table tops.

What stores in northern New Jersey sell tennis tables?

You could check Academy or Sports Authority. They generally have good prices. They can also help you choose the best type of table and paddles so that you can get the whole set-up in one place.

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