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The ball is placed on the 2 yard line when kicking a PAT

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Q: Where is the ball placed when kicking a PAT in American football?
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On kickoffs in football where is the ball placed?

Association footballThe ball is placed at the centre of the field, in the middle of the centre circle. American footballThe ball is placed at the kicking team's 30-yard line in college. In high school, the ball is placed at the 40-yard line. In the NFL, it is placed at the 35.

How can a goal be scored in English football?

by kicking the ball in the goal!! the best and original type of football. american football is stupid

In American football what is the name of the line between the two teams on which the ball is placed?

The line on which the ball is placed, before the snap, in American football is know as "The Line of Scrimmage"

What is checking the ball down in football?

kicking the ball

How many percent American football players use hand?

In American Football, players normally use their hands to hold or pass the ball. Kicking the ball is not normally done except in certain circumstances.

What does football mean?

It means kicking the ball with the foot.

Is kicking a football like kicking a soccer ball?

A soccer ball is round, but it is very similar. You can kick a football the same way you kick a soccer ball, but you might end up having the football go lopsided.

What are 3 examples of force and motion?

Kicking a soccer ball, Playing a tug of war, and Kicking a football.

How do u play football?

Play football by kicking the ball And trying to shoot the ball into the goal And if you do your team gets a point

When was kaka a footballer?

When he put his football boots on and started kicking a ball.

Can you be a football kicker if you play soccer?

kicking a soccer ball and football are very different but you can but it is rare.

Why do they call football football?

Because in Britain & most places in the world it is a game played by kicking a ball with feet. Rugby football is different. American football, & indeed Aussie Rules football are also different. But they are derived from Football.

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